Introducing our New Colour Edit Shampoo Bars!

Exciting news: a brand new product launch! We know that more and more of you are looking to make your beauty routine as eco-friendly as possible, and we also know how many of you are buying our Eco Warrior Shampoo Bars and we see the rave reviews (thank you – we LOVE that!). You mentioned toners a while back to us, so behind the scenes we have been working on this til we got it right… you know we’re always considering the impact that our own hair and skin care regimes have on our planet, and that’s why we’re blooming thrilled to announce this one. Without further ado, allow us to introduce our brand new ECO WARRIOR Colour Edit Shampoo Bars!

What are the new Colour Edit Shampoo Bars?

How much did your last cut and colour appointment set you back at the salon? A pretty penny, no doubt! All the more reason for you to want to preserve that colour for as long as you can. But let’s face it, after a few washes (or perhaps sooner if you’re outdoors a lot) your cool blonde or warm brunette locks are probably looking more brassy than sassy, right? So your hairdresser recommends a toning shampoo, but now you’re adding a plastic bottle to your bathroom cabinet, not to mention a few unnecessary chemicals to your hair care routine… that can’t be good for your hair, not to mention the planet!

That’s where we come in. Our new Colour Edit Shampoo Bars have been specially designed to care for coloured hair – WITHOUT SLS, sulphates or parabens. So now you can use an eco-friendly toning shampoo to nourish and protect your colour, without compromising your health or the environment. Hoorah!

Why do I need a colour toning shampoo?

The new Colour Edit bars make Little Soap Company one of the only brands in the UK who can offer an eco-friendly, plastic free colour toning shampoo bar.  But why is this important?

When your hair is coloured at the salon, your hairdresser will use a toning shampoo to help protect and enhance the new colour and to correct unwanted tones. They might recommend a toning shampoo to use at home too, to help protect the colour in between appointments. Toning shampoos also help to tone down unwanted brassy or orange tones which can develop over time.

And it’s not just blonde tones that benefit from a toning shampoo. If you’re a brunette, natural or not, you can use the Colour Edit bars to help protect your colour too. In a nutshell, if your hair has taken on a orangey tone, this is the bar for you. 

What makes the Colour Edit Bars so special?

We’re on a mission to make natural soap accessible to all. We believe that everyone has the right to use soap without chemicals and without plastic, and that sentiment extends to shampoo too. Our Eco Warrior shampoo bars have been so popular ever since they launched, so we just knew that colour toning shampoo bars were the natural next step!

Until now, most toning shampoos have been expensive to buy, and usually packed in a plastic bottle too. But as you know, we here at Little Soap we believe we can do better than that. Our Colour Edit bars are made using the same base as our much-loved shampoo bars- the only difference is that these ones have a high concentration of pigment to help tone the hair. 

Like our other bars, they’re packed in 100% recyclable packaging, they’re plastic free, vegan, cruelty free and free from all nasty chemicals. We use Squalane sourced from sugar cane to help increase shine and prevent damage, Shea butter for added moisture, Panthenol to help strengthen the hair and coconut oil to help protect hair against damage. 

Oh, and one single Colour Edit bar will give you the same amount of washes as THREE bottles of liquid toning shampoo- so you not only help to save the planet, but you save the pennies too!

How do I use the Colour Edit Bars?

The Colour Edit bars can be used in exactly the same way as our other shampoo bars. Wet your hair, then gently massage the bar into the scalp, through to the ends. 

Be aware that the high concentration of pigments in the shampoo may cause staining- but this is normal, and happens with liquid shampoos too. With regards to this, our tester told us:

“I’ve been using the purple shampoo bar for about 4 washes now and it’s SO GOOD! Was using other brands before, but they stain my shower and hands purple and turn my hair purple if left on too long. First time I’ve used a shampoo bar and I’m super impressed!”

Our shampoo bars are 100% chemical free and soap free. So can you still get a good lather? You bet! 

Another tester told us,

“The colour is fantastic, love it. It lathers really well. I’ve used it most days, sometimes I leave it on for a good 5 minutes.  

For me it works really well, and my hair condition is improving too as I’m not using a shampoo with loads of chemicals in it.”

And what about after washing? How does hair feel, after using a shampoo bar? Again, it’s over to our testers:

“I’ve used purple and blue shampoo before and they usually leave my hair feeling very dry and ‘hard’, it didn’t feel like that with this bar at all. It also gave my hair a lovely shine that lasts until the next wash. A definite thumbs up from me!”

We can’t wait to hear what you think too. Get in touch on socials and feel free to ask any questions- we’re always happy to help!